Copywriting is the use of words to sell something, and an important part of your marketing.

Good copywriting isn't about using fancy words. It's about learning what your customers want, and writing a story about how your product and its unique benefits can help them get it.

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I specialize in creating action-inspiring content for web, print, radio and video. I don't believe in guilty pleasures, but I do love hip hop, knitting, hot sauce and pickles.

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I provide copywriting services for business owners, agencies, web project managers, video producers, radio stations and anyone requiring concise, effective, benefit-driven content that works.
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Web Content Starter Kit:

4 Pages (Home, About, Services, Contact)

A great package for new businesses that want a website to help them build credibility and introduce the benefits of their products or services to the world.


Web Content Makeover Kit

4 Pages Editing for Grammar, Spelling, Flow

If you know your website content isn’t as great as it could be, or it’s not getting you any customers, it might be time for a makeover!


SEO Web Content Starter Kit

SEO Research, SEO Copywriting, 4 Pages

Target keywords effectively as part of an SEO strategy that helps you stand out from your competition. This kit includes a keyword list, plus an SEO guide with additional steps you can take to improve your search rankings.


SEO Web Content Makeover Kit

SEO Research, 4 Pages SEO Editing

This package is ideal for businesses that like their content but want it to target keywords more effectively and improve rankings in Google search results. Keyword list and SEO guide included.


Social Media Profile Package

Bios for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Ensure your branding is consistent across all your online accounts. You have limited space on many social media profiles, making it more important than ever to have the right content in place.


Blogging Package

5 Blog Posts a Month

Google loves it when you add fresh, keyword-rich content to your website on a regular basis. I can help you increase web traffic and customers with blog posts tailored to your audience.

Web Copywriting, Copy Editing, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research and SEO Copywriting, Landing Pages, Voiceover Scripts for Radio, E-newsletters, Brochures, Taglines, Blog Articles, Press Releases, Web Banners, Media Kits, Product Descriptions / Packaging Labels, Social Media Profiles



Are you a marketing agency, web developer, web designer or project manager? Why not add copywriting services to your packages? This is a great solution for companies that don't have the means to hire an on-staff copywriter but still want to deliver amazing content to their clients while enjoying additional revenue. I can "white label" my services so I'm working under your brand.

It's a win/win for everyone.

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Below are a just few examples of my recent copywriting projects, including blogging, web content, and voiceover scripts. I have many more samples available–if you would like to see something specific, just ask!

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Luvo logo

If you can change the way you eat, you can change your life. That's the philosophy behind Luvo, a company that makes good-for-you frozen meals that use high quality ingredients and taste really good. I'm proud to be part of Luvo's digital content team as a regular author on their blog. I write several posts each month on topics related to healthy eating and living and I love doing it because it's something I truly believe in. The fact that Derek Jeter and Jennifer Garner are among the company's ambassadors isn't too shabby either.

Check out the Luvo blog.

Web Content

Avanta Consulting

Avanta Consulting hired Jessica Grey Creative Content for website content services.

Sometimes you're just kicking so much butt that some things, like your website, get put on the backburner while business is booming. That was exactly the case with Avanta Consulting, a Vancouver-based executive recruiting and human resources consulting firm. They knew their website could be updated on several fronts, and I was glad that they chose me to help them with the SEO and web content that would populate their freshly designed website.

For this project, I conducted SEO research to find popular and effective keywords to include in their web content. Then I did some background research to uncover what's special about Avanta. I used this information to write search engine optimized content that highlighted their unique approach to executive recruitment–one that has helped them connect organizations of all sizes with top talent throughout North America, even during so-called talent shortages.

I also crafted the copy for Avanta's LinkedIn page.

View the Avanta Consulting website.

Pacific Surf School

Jessica Grey Creative Content Client: Pacific Surf School

Pacific Surf School is one of the top surf schools in Tofino, BC (or Canada's Hawaii as I like to call it... if you've never been there, I highly recommend it, if only for the epic sunsets). With a roster of the finest surf instructors you'll find on the West Coast, all with incredible passion for sharing the wonderful experience of surfing with visitors from far and wide, PSS needed to give their web content a facelift to reflect their awesomeness.

I helped PSS enhance their web content by getting to the bottom of the story behind their roots and passion for surfing–what had begun as two dedicated surfers teaching people out of a van by the beach had evolved into one of the most thorough and engaging surf schools in Tofino. I used this information to craft web content that captured this story and drive home the message that PSS is a truly exceptional surf school in one of Canada's most beautiful places.

Visit the Pacific Surf School website.

Community Tree Music

Canadian Music Licensing

Having worked with filmmakers Mathew Collings and John Hilhorst before, I was excited to collaborate with them once again on their latest project - a new website dedicated to facilitating Canadian indie music licensing for film, commercials and other uses.

Recognizing a void in the market for such a service, they decided to create their own. Known as Community Tree Music, the site features slick design thanks to Paperclip Creative, and content by yours truly.

Canadian musicians can submit their work for consideration, and upon acceptance, get it featured on the website, where filmmakers, video producers, agencies and others can easily search and license the tracks with just a few clicks. It's a really great way for Canadian musicians to get more exposure and earn revenue, and it simplifies the licensing process since the guys take care of all the paperwork.

Visit the Community Tree Music website.


Deflying Fitness

Deflying Fitness - Circus Fitness Training

Duane Steel and Andralyn Zayn recently launched their fitness company – Deflying Fitness – and needed their web content to be as fine-tuned as their muscles.

While their human foot juggling, handstand, flexibility and strength training skills were top notch, they knew their website content could be a bit better, and they wanted to show up in Google search results for 'circus fitness training', and other terms related to their services.

I conducted some SEO keyword research to produce a keyword list that would catch the attention of search engines, circus performers looking to fine tune their skills, and people interested in switching up their fitness routines for something a little more interesting and challenging. Then, I edited their content to make it more compelling, adding these keywords in strategic places throughout their website.

If you want to spice up your workout with some challenging new moves, check them out! They offer classes at select fitness studios in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, and online classes you can try from the comfort of your own living room!

Visit the Deflying Fitness website.

Voiceover Scripts 

In collaboration with Australian animator Matt Hitch, I've worked on several voiceover scripts for explainer videos for his clients around the globe:

Whiteboard: Xeela

Infographic: Nutripilot



"Jessica is by far the best freelance writer that I have ever worked with and I highly recommend her. I’ve worked with her on a variety of projects from video scripts to landing pages and what impresses me the most, is her ability to transform complicated concepts into language that is powerful yet easy to understand. On a scale of 1-10, she is definitely a 10 and has far exceeded my expectations. Thanks again Jessica and look forward to many more projects!"

~Adam Carabetta

"I hired Jessica to update the content on my website. I had written the original content and was quite unhappy with it. I needed someone to write SEO friendly content that spoke to my audience, NOT Google. There is a very fine line between writing for your audience and writing for Google and Jessica nailed it!! I'm extremely happy with the new content on my site and look forward to working with Jessica again in the future."

~Derek MacDonald, Archery Marketing

"Jessica has helped my career tremendously. She assisted me with content development on my website and gave me great advice on how to use content marketing to convey my expertise as a dance professional and choreographer to potential clients. She also helped me write effective headlines, which I use in my Facebook and Twitter communications to inspire people to take my dance classes. As a result of her comprehensive social media and content marketing strategy, my dance classes are packed and I was able to land a job with the BC Lions Football Club as Dance Team Choreographer. I would recommend Jessica in a heartbeat!"

~Jenny Duffy, Professional Choreographer

"Jessica consistently provided my company with the most creative and effective ad copy out of all the writers we've worked with. She naturally saw the best way to highlight our products and reach our targeted customer base. I highly recommend her work for the most effective use of your marketing dollars."

~My Dang, Assistant General Manager, Scentuals Body Care

"Jessica's knowledge of social media, writing for the web and SEO strategies brought to the next level of blogging, making it the most popular vegan website in Vancouver today..."

~Bridget Burns, Founder, The Vegan Project

"I've utilized Jessica for a number of projects including naming a business, creating strategic web copy, and clever ad content too. She is professional, friendly and easy to work with. She works well with feedback and tranforms it into the perfect solution."

~Sabrina Modder, Owner, String Creative

"Jessica is a stellar writer who takes her craft seriously, and is a wonderful individual to work with."

~Rick Sloboda, Senior Web Copywriter, Webcopyplus


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Toronto Copywriter for Hire!

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