9 Hilarious Taglines from My Personal Collection

One of my favourite things to do as a copywriter is condense large amounts of information and ideas into tiny, all-encompassing taglines. A good tagline communicates your business’ ideal image to the world. If it’s really great, it will be hard to forget (bonus if you can get one of the Justins to sing it).

Over my many years of working as a copywriter in Vancouver I’ve accumulated quite the collection of hilarious taglines. And by hilarious I mean awesome, inappropriate, clever, punny, and sometimes downright terrible. I’m not going to say which one is which – I’ll let you form your own opinions.

My Hilarious Tagline Collection

(in no particular order)

1.) “License to kiln” 

This one belongs to Victoria, BC’s paint-your-own ceramics studio Fired Up!

2.) “We’re delivering top quality services to our sweet customers”

Vancouver sushi restaurant, Sushi Gallery.

3.) “Fair trade; you can’t not afford to”

Fair Trade Brokers, purveyors of fairly traded goods.

4.) “We step in so you don’t have to”

Turd Wranglers dog poo pick-up service.

5.) “Barke diem”

Red Dog Blue Kat, manufacturers of raw pet food.

6.) “Biggest cocks in the Dakotas”

Wiley Cock Lodge, a pheasant hunting venue in Winner, South Dakota. Saw their sticker on a lamp post in my neighbourhood (I swear).

7.) “Doing it green”

Earth Erotics, natural, green sex toys.

8.) “Call us for a good thyme”

Barnston Island Herbs, grower of fine herbs in BC.

9.) “Other buildings want to have sex with it”

The Rolston condo development on Granville Street in Vancouver. Okay, this one’s not really a tagline, but it did grace a full-page ad in the local paper.

As with many great moments in marketing, most of these are coincidentally sex-related, proving once again that sex sells, and awkward sex makes people feel awkward.

Many more to come I’m sure…

Have you come across any hilarious taglines? Please share in the comments! I love this stuff.

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