Stop Thinking Outside The Box

…or at least saying that you do.

If you’re truly different than the rest, you should be using words in your web content that prove it. It’s too easy to fall back on common phrases that used to sound amazing, but now that everyone uses them, they just blend into one big blob of mediocrity.

Here are some common phrases found in a million pieces of copy out there on the web and in print. Even the best of us get into the habit of pulling these out, but perhaps we can come together to recognize when it happens and push ourselves to be more creative in our marketing communications.

1.) We pride ourselves in

You’re proud of yourself. That’s great! I bet your mom is, too. But what does that do for me?

2.) Your source for

Making your content all about ‘you’ (your customer) is good. But what makes you my source for anything? Tell me why your product or service is especially suited to me, don’t simply make general claims without backing them up with real examples.

3.) Takes it to the next level

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is on that next level, which doesn’t really make it special anymore? What’s on that next level that makes you better than the level below? Tell me.

4.) On time and on budget

Actually, I prefer it when things are delivered late and overbudget.

5.) One-stop shop

With so many one-stop shops in the world, it’s strange we haven’t seen total shop-hopping extinction.

6.) Attention to detail

Again, this one is obvious. Who wants to hire someone who’s not paying attention to the details?

7.) We’re dedicated (or committed) to providing

I sure hope that if you’re in the business of providing a service that you are dedicated to providing that service or you’re probably going to go out of business soon.

8.) We think outside the box

How outside the box is it to say something everyone else is saying? The area outside the box is becoming populated with a large number of people who think the same way. If you truly want to stand out, you should probably get back in the box, or find another way to communicate why you’re different.

You’re Special, So Start Acting Like It!

If your product or service is truly unique, you should be communicating in a way that makes your special qualities shine! Here’s how:

• Whenever you find yourself using one of the above phrases, stop and ask yourself HOW you do those things – write down some real examples!

• Don’t generalize – be specific. A mentor once told me that you need to be as specific as possible about how you can help people, which makes it easier for someone to make the decision to hire you.

• Use real examples. Testimonials and case studies are wonderful because they are real proof of how special you are. There’s no way your competition will have the same testimonial.

• Don’t use words or phrases just because you saw them somewhere else and they sounded good. These are fillers that don’t tell people what they really need to know, and they’re probably being used by your mediocre competition.

For more help determining why you’re special, and how to communicate that to others, take this quick quiz!



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