What Red Bull Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Red Bull Thre3style World Championship 2013This past week I attended several Red Bull Thre3style events in Toronto. Having been impressed by these events when I attended last year in Vancouver, this year I was equally impressed by the caliber of both the event production and the international talent competing. The goal: to find the world’s best party-rocking DJ in a series of head-to-head battles at venues throughout Toronto, with various special events and guests featured along the way. The sound, the visuals, the corresponding web promotions–all of superb quality.

This annual event seems pretty big but it’s just a small part of Red Bull’s consistently mind-blowing marketing and sponsorship initiatives. You may remember a recent one in which they sponsored famous BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner as he shattered records and jumped from the edge of space to earth. No big deal.

But why?


Creative Challenge: One-Line Yelp Reviews

Copywriter Jessica G on Yelp

It’s no secret that I love to spend (some might say waste – as if!) all my money on eating and drinking my way through the city, and my recent move to Toronto has given me an endless supply of new culinary experiences to work with. So, I decided to combine my true loves (food and writing) into a creative experiment where I challenge myself to encapsulate each new restaurant experience into a single line. Sure, the lines could be compared to run-on sentences but I’m just going to call it stream of consciousness restaurant reviewing and leave it at that.

Why would I do this?!