What To Feed That Effing Vegan: Holiday Cookbook

Vegan Holiday RecipesI’m very excited to announce the recent release of The Vegan Project‘s latest recipe e-book: What to Feed that Effing Vegan: The Holiday Edition!

I had the pleasure of editing the book and getting a sneak preview of all the delicious looking recipes before they released it last week. A few highlights: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Onions and Coconut Bacon, Savoury Polenta Stuffing, Vegan Butter Tarts, and even a vegan version of egg nog!

If you’ve got an effing vegan or vegetarian coming to your house this holiday season and you have no idea what to feed them, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! It’s also great if you just want a few more creative veggie dishes to round out your holiday menu.

What’s inside:

~ 20+ delicious recipes to create a full course holiday dinner

~ appetizers, brunch, festive bevvies and desserts

~ PLUS many gluten-free options!

Exclusive Discount for My Blog Readers

Normally, this e-book costs $7, but when you use my promo code you can get it for $5!

Buy the ebook here and enter the promo code: thateffingjessgrey




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