Tidings of Comfort Food and Joy E-Book

Tidings of Comfort Food and Joy by Jenny BoyleAs one of my friends put it so accurately the other day, this time of year is basically “just a steady stream of eating and drinking from the moment I get up until I pass out.” This can be fun at first, until you start feeling the negative physical and emotional effects of overindulgence. That’s the premise behind my good pal Jenny Boyle’s first e-book, “Tidings of Comfort Food and Joy: How to NOT Stuff Yourself Silly this Holiday Season“.

In the book, which I edited before it was released last week, Jenny explains how you CAN enjoy the indulgences of the holidays without going overboard and then subsequently beating yourself up about it. It all starts with giving yourself a little more credit.


Copy for Instagram: Are You Doing it Wrong?

An example of copy for Instagram.

While scouring the internet for inspiration for a blog post about copywriting and web content, I harassed some friends who also work on the web for some ideas. What were some of the copy-related questions they had? What issues in the world of web copy were keeping them up at night? OK, maybe they weren’t losing sleep, but experiencing some mild irritation.

My good friend and former co-worker Oli Maughan came to the rescue. She’s a Social Media Strategist and All-around Nice Girl that some pretty big brands in North America (Luvo, LYFE Kitchen, and lululemon lab, to name a few) have trusted with their precious online reputations. She creates copy for many different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and she has some bones to pick. Namely, she wants to address the Dos and Don’ts of writing copy for Instagram.