Media Literacy Checklist: Read This Before You ‘Share’

This carrot is an abstract illustration of clickbait.

photo by: nist6dh

Tell me if you’ve done this before:

You see an article come up in your Facebook feed. The headline resonates with you. It pulls at your heartstrings. It solidifies your worldview and supports an argument you stand behind. You click ‘share’ after a light skim of the article. Maybe you didn’t even read it at all. Or maybe you disagree with the headline or don’t like the picture attached, so you make a comment hastily disparaging the whole thing without even reading it.

This needs to STOP.


What Red Bull Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Red Bull Thre3style World Championship 2013This past week I attended several Red Bull Thre3style events in Toronto. Having been impressed by these events when I attended last year in Vancouver, this year I was equally impressed by the caliber of both the event production and the international talent competing. The goal: to find the world’s best party-rocking DJ in a series of head-to-head battles at venues throughout Toronto, with various special events and guests featured along the way. The sound, the visuals, the corresponding web promotions–all of superb quality.

This annual event seems pretty big but it’s just a small part of Red Bull’s consistently mind-blowing marketing and sponsorship initiatives. You may remember a recent one in which they sponsored famous BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner as he shattered records and jumped from the edge of space to earth. No big deal.

But why?


E-newsletters That Don’t Suck

Dan Lewis' email newsletter Now I Know

Email newsletter marketing is an excellent way to stay connected with your audience, but only if you’re producing excellent content. I’d like to claim that I run a tight ship when it comes to my email inbox, but truth be told, I’ve signed up for more than a few sucky newsletters in my day, mostly due to various contest entries and trade show ploys. My email address is definitely worth a reusable shopping bag or a chance to win a new wardrobe, right guys?! Then, out of sheer laziness, my email inbox became so cluttered with lame e-junk that I damn near gave up on expecting anything else.

Over the years I’ve cleaned up my e-newsletter act and now only a select few have survived the unsubscribe trigger. As a copywriter I like to keep my knowledge full of fresh randomness from which to draw inspiration, and these quirky newsletters definitely do the trick. These are all great if you’re someone who a) likes to learn new things, b) wants neat things to talk about at a cocktail party, and c) wants to enrich their knowledge and become a more interesting person in general.