Features vs. Benefits: What Do You Highlight When Describing Your Product?

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As some of you may know, I recently relocated to Toronto and now that the dust has settled and I’m able to wrap my head around things like content marketing instead of painting walls while getting Benjamin Moore Alabaster White in my hair and waiting for the internet guy, I’m back to blogging–YAY!

Today I want to talk about Features vs. Benefits.

While browsing websites, I often notice that some web content writers seem to be confused about whether they should highlight the features of the products they are trying to sell, or the benefits. By that I mean, they list all the bells and whistles their products include, without telling the readers WHY those bells and whistles are good. This is a big mistake, because not everyone knows why a particular feature is good, especially when we’re talking about highly scientific or technical features.


How Breaking the Rules Helps You Sell More

Good copywriting breaks the rules

I know I bitch and whine frequently about proper grammar and spelling and all that adorably irritating stuff, so what I’m about to say may come as a surprise to you: good copywriting involves breaking rules. And by rules, I mean things like ‘don’t ever begin a sentence with the word ‘and’’.

In fact, I often break a ton of traditional writing rules in my copy, including such no-nos as beginning sentences with the words ‘and’ and ‘but’ and writing incomplete sentences–sometimes just one word!

Why does this work?