Join My Toronto Creative Writing Group!

Book of writing prompts

Hello! It’s been a while. I haven’t been doing much blogging on my own website since I moved to Toronto, but I’ve been writing for clients and sometimes your personal stuff gets pushed to the back burner. I’ll spare you further excuses and get to the point…

I want to do more creative writing just because (as opposed to the stuff that pays my bills). I find it incredibly fulfilling even though it’s not filling my pockets (yet). And so I’ve decided to start a creative writing group in Toronto, just like the one I had back in Vancouver, which was really fun. I’ve spoken to quite a few old friends and new ones here who seem to be interested so we’ll see how it goes. It will be open to strangers as well, so don’t be afraid to come out!


A New Blogging Medium


I have been blogging for a long time. Nine years, to be exact. I will even shamelessly share one of my very first posts: an in-depth review of a Snoop Doggy Dogg concert in May 2005. (Full disclosure: many of the posts on that blog are crap and full of mistakes and immature opinions, but I’m not ashamed of where I came from and we all gotta start somewhere.) Since those days I’ve started and killed many a blog, and several companies have even paid me to blog for them. Imagine that!

Just like my blogging skills, the act of blogging itself has come a long way. What began as not much more than angsty teen rants has morphed into a viable way for writers and wannabes to build influence, drive business and even make money by publishing their words on their weblogs.

Medium: a new kind of blogging platform

Many blogging platforms have emerged over the years, from the one I first used (Blogspot) to WordPress to a brand new one I discovered just the other day called Medium (thanks to this post that appeared in my Facebook feed).


Creative Challenge: One-Line Yelp Reviews

Copywriter Jessica G on Yelp

It’s no secret that I love to spend (some might say waste – as if!) all my money on eating and drinking my way through the city, and my recent move to Toronto has given me an endless supply of new culinary experiences to work with. So, I decided to combine my true loves (food and writing) into a creative experiment where I challenge myself to encapsulate each new restaurant experience into a single line. Sure, the lines could be compared to run-on sentences but I’m just going to call it stream of consciousness restaurant reviewing and leave it at that.

Why would I do this?!