Common Mistakes Bloggers Make and How to Avoid Them

Guest post by Marcela De VivoBlogging Mistakes

Starting a new blog? Blogging can be a rewarding pastime, as a way of expressing yourself creatively and by connecting you to like-minded groups of people. Some bloggers are even able to earn a living by writing about something that was once just a hobby or a passionate side project.

However, beware of the common mistakes that many new bloggers make that can slow or prevent you from finding your audience. Below are some common missteps to avoid:


How to Create Targeted Content Through Persona Modeling


Hi everyone, my name is Andrew Johnson, and I’m a marketing content strategist based in Salt Lake City. My cousin Jessica asked if I wanted to write a post for this blog, and I had just the right topic in mind.

But before we dive into this particular subject, let’s talk about the specifics of content marketing first.

Everyone seems to be buzzing about the latest trend in Internet marketing called “content marketing”, and like other trends many brands feel the need to jump right in. The problem, however, is not with getting left behind if your brand isn’t ready to produce this content. It’s a problem when brands don’t connect with their core audience.


Content Marketing 101: How to Get Started

Content marketing

Content marketing has totally become ‘a thing’. Content has always been ‘a thing’, but now people are realizing that creating it on a regular basis is an invaluable way to raise awareness about your brand. Just look at what LinkedIn is doing – effectively using content marketing to raise their profile as a growing media company, not just a place to make professional connections.