Stop Thinking Outside The Box

…or at least saying that you do.

If you’re truly different than the rest, you should be using words in your web content that prove it. It’s too easy to fall back on common phrases that used to sound amazing, but now that everyone uses them, they just blend into one big blob of mediocrity.

Here are some common phrases found in a million pieces of copy out there on the web and in print. Even the best of us get into the habit of pulling these out, but perhaps we can come together to recognize when it happens and push ourselves to be more creative in our marketing communications.


The Art of Naming Things

A poorly chosen name.
What do the words on this sign make you think of?

The other day I came across a fascinating story about archaeologists digging up what was believed to be the world’s oldest bra. It was 600 years old and was apparently called ‘breastbags’ at the time.

This excellent discovery got me thinking. As a copywriter, I’m often given the task of naming things – products, companies, services, etc. – and it’s one of my favourite things to do. Names not only communicate what something does, but they also give us feelings based on the combination of sounds and connotations relating to combinations of letters. But what is the science behind it? When did it become more about communicating a story than describing something in the literal sense?


A Self-Quiz That Could Change Your Life

a moleskin notebook

Writing is a miraculous thing. A brightly coloured notebook can take the role of counsellor, guiding you through your deepest concerns as you write them down on its pages. Many people use journaling as a form of therapy, self-discovery and stress relief.

As a writer, I often have an easier time expressing myself through writing than speaking, and I’ve found great comfort in being able to do that through times of sadness, anger, happiness and love.

Even if no one reads what you’ve written, the practice of writing is extremely therapeutic. Writing helps us find direction and clarity in a world of chaos, and it can also help us find greater clarity in our professional lives.